About Us

Youth Awakening Society

Youth Awakening Society is a non-profit and non-government organization established in 2017 initiated by a group of youth from diverse social background dedicated towards social development.

It is working in response to increasing needs to improve collaboration, information exchange and mobilization of youths to address the underlying cause of human suffering and social-economic inequality in Bhaktapur at initial stage with plans to widen the work across the country. It is registered with the Bhaktapur District Office, Government of Nepal as a non-profit, non-political, and non-governmental organization as per the organization registration act of 2034 B.S (1978). With its establishment, it has started with placement of volunteers in various non-profit organizations such as schools.

The organization has been conducting motivational and leadership training and speech for the students who wish to grow with future oriented leadership capability.

Area of Involvement: The organization works in area of provision of education and vocational training to the economically backward part of the society.

Working Area: Bhaktapur

i. To focus and solve social and economic problems in grass root level of the economically struggling community of Nepal through technical skills development and awareness.
ii. Effort to eradicate social evil and problems like girls trafficking, child marriage, polygamy, child labor, drug addiction, and different communicable disease.
iii. To ensure the protection of rights focused on children, women and other vulnerable groups.
iv. To provide informal education, clean drinking water, and organize sanitation program.
v. To help in conducting different social welfare activities in local and national level through collaboration with local people, government and non-government organization.
vi. Effort to conduct different Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skilled oriented workshop.

MISSION Sustainable social development in Nepal through youth mobilization.

VISION Dedicated for social development through combined effort of youth from different sector.